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Call of the wild report

"Buck was no ordinary dog. He was bigger than a wolf and smarter than any other dog that ever lived."

This book is mostly about a fairly big dog who was strong mentally and physically, even though he only starts off as a regular pet. His name was Buck. From the start everyone thought he was special.

This book is set in America starting in California and moving to
Alaska, and except for the very beginning its mostly about how buck learnt how to live the life of a working sleigh dog and how to sleep outside in the cold snow and having to work extremely hard each day.
In this book I thought the author lacked description as I found it hard to picture the characters for myself and of those I could
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One of bucks owners was a man called John Thornton who saved bucks life as he was about to be killed by a very foolish man. "John Thornton was in a rage. he stood over buck, in a choking voice he said 'if you; strike that dog again I'll kill you!"

After this experience Buck is looked after by John Thornton, and Buck loved and respected him more than the world, he would even die if his master asked him to.

"John Thornton thought he would show the other men just how much buck wad willing to do for him. While Hans and Pete looked on John Thornton pointed over the sedge of the cliff . 'Jump buck!' He ordered, in an instant Buck was at the edge and ready to jump his death."

Buck never gives up and became an excellent leader for the other sleigh dogs and he taught the other dogs a lot too. As the days go on
Buck proves his strength by pulling a sleigh weighing one hundred pounds on his own for one hundred yards and also winning John Thornton a lot of money. Buck also had many fights and even killed a bull after four long days of hurting and tiring him without even getting hurt.

To improve this book I think the author should use more description but not so much that it gets boring. Also in the middle of the book I found it quite repetitive as most of the pages were talking about the same things happening again and again about going out on a sleigh ride then camping for

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