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Jamie Merrimen
October 12, 2012
Business 1703 D1
Dr. Conor Vibert


Problem Statement
Wayne Mallette is the director of performance management for Callaway Golf Canada, the world`s largest golf club manufacturer. In 2004, Mallette launched the Mobile Performance Team (MPT), a team of 20 consultants who demonstrate the Callaway equipment line as well as measuring customers for custom equipment at private golf courses during the golf season. Mallette has been asked by Callaway Canada`s managing director to design a plan for the approaching 2008 golf season to make sure that Callaway Canada will stay ahead of its competitors.
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Having a professional on site would increase the credibility and effectiveness of the consultations. An inconvenience in this plan is that `to become certified in Canada, an individual must work a minimum of 35 hours per week under a head professional and pass a playing ability test (Jackman, Brett (2008) Callaway Golf Canada. Ivey Cases page 9).

3) Mallette also is considering pairing the MPCs up with professional staff at the club the MPC is working at. This would have the same benefit of having professionally certified MPCs, but there wouldn`t be the one-on-one aspect that many club members enjoy and value. On the contrary, club members may be comforted by having a member of their club`s professional staff present, it may lead the club member to trust Callaway Golf and the MPC more. It would also be beneficial as the club member could consult the club`s staff member if they had any more questions after the MPC had left. The inconvenience in this scenario is that Callaway would have to pay the club staff member as well as the MPC.

4) Another option would be to update the equipment that Callaway Golf MPC`s use during their consultations. They currently are using Accusport Vector machines that are in fine working condition, but the newest model has just been launched, the Vector Pro monitor which would be useful for the golf professionals during lessons as it incorporates video swing analysis into the fitting

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