Callaway Golf Marketing Plan

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Running head: GROWING THE GAME

Growing the Game
Callaway Golf (Marketing Plan)

This proposal discusses the promotion of and the expanding of the Custom Club Fitting service to more markets. This proposal will also discuss and give a brief overview of the company’s history, overall philosophy, the current market condition, the competition, performance, customers, a SWOT analysis, marketing strategies, and marketing mix strategies. The objective of this proposal is to develop and implement an effective marketing plan to expand Custom Club Fitting to more markets to increase performance in the market.
Growing the Game


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We have carefully looked at our external and internal environments. The external analysis looked at the market and the competition, while the internal analysis examined Callaway’s performance, as well as its customers. We also performed a “SWOT” analysis, enabling us to identify our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. This analysis lends to the view that it is imperative that we change our existing strategy and focus on other markets. It is not suggested that we ignore our existing markets, but rather that we expand our customers and potential customers access to custom club fitting. I firmly believe that by pursuing this avenue, and by implementing and controlling the proposed fundamental marketing strategies and marketing mix strategies, we will be able to achieve the stated objectives.

I. Introduction
a. Background
Ely Callaway founded Callaway Golf Company in 1982. In the early years, the company was named Callaway Hickory Stick USA, Inc. and specialized in hickory shafted putters and wedges. In 1988 the name of the company was changed to Callaway Golf Company. In the '90s, Ely Callaway and his company changed the golf industry in ways no one could have anticipated. Richard Helmstetter and his R&D department found a way to create a stainless steel driver that had a larger and more forgiving

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