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Marketing Strategy
Callaway's main strategy is differentiation based on technologically advanced products which (supposedly) have performance advantages sufficient to justify the premium price. Callaway's goal is to maintain its #1 position as the world's largest golf merchandise company. To maintain its status and distance itself even further from the competition, Callaway will need to utilize its size and unique technological advances to continue to produce great products that maintain customer loyalty while attracting a broader customer base. Callaway now can also use the products of its recent acquisition of Spalding to further reach a wider customer base. As it continues to pursue a better research and development program this
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- Technical staff
- Reputation and popularity
- Track record
- R&D facilities
- Relationships with professional golfers
- Drivers are most widely used on pro tours
- Strong balance sheet . . . liquidity
- Good customer service, advertising and legal staffs

Table 3:
Relationship between golf clubs and golf balls: Identify in this column the areas of the value chain: Use this column to discuss whether you see or don't see relatedness in terms of this strategy:
Horizontal Marketing Utilize advertising golf equipment within the same advertisement. Technology Not related because they are two different types of inventory made primarily by two separate machines. Inbound Logistics The computer software that controls the inventory could be utilized for both the golf balls and the golf clubs. Operations The manufacturing could take place in the same facility which would allow a lot of shared responsibilities. Outbound logistics Warehousing could be shared as long as utilizing the same trucks to move the products. Service Golf clubs and balls go hand in hand you need one with the other and training is vital in learning the game. A golf ball would be an added value to the golf club.

Golf balls and golf clubs are definitely a horizontal relationship. In the game of golf it would be hard to use a soccer ball or basketball or for that matter a tennis ball in
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