Called Out Analysis

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Nature has provided humans an extensive variety of free sources, that has helped humanity to thrive and survive. As humans, we collectively depend on nature. Humans benefit from nature in ways that include our interaction with the environment, animals, and plants. We as humans rely upon an extensive range of sources provided by the environment. The air we inhale, the water we drink: they are all essential for our survival. And we are freely granted with them. Furthermore, our interaction with the environment not only benefits us physically but emotionally. The majestic sceneries by the trees in autumn, or the calid, serene sunsets at the beach, help us relax and decrease our stress. In the text “Called out” by Barbara Kingsolver, people from Arizona were astonished by the strange, yet, beautiful vista of the wildflowers. “Here in Arizona, we were cheering for the show…valleys were colorized in wild schemes.”…show more content…
Interestingly, animals and human depend substantially on each other. Domesticated animals, such as those in a livestock, provide us meals, fiber and leather. In addition, domesticated animals, such as dogs - which are also used to guard houses, and others farm animals- and cats give us company. Wild animals, also benefit us by working away sometimes unseen, for the good of the environment. Jane Goodall, covers this subject in her text “Hope for animals and their worlds” emphasizing the major role that insect(s) play in the ecosystem. “Bees pollinates the clear majority of our food crops” others animals, however, recycle decaying animals which help return nutrients to the earth helping the growth of
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