Called to Service a Life of Missionary Service

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After I turned sixteen (16) years of age, I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit calling to me and directing me to serve as a missionary in the field. My internal strength is always my sense of faith since I feel so strongly that my destiny lies in helping my neighbour as well as seeking a higher purpose that my faith leads me towards a path of tranquillity and harmony with my Father. As a result of my predilection of helping others, I have decided to act onto God's will and gravitate towards missionary service rather than talking but, in fact, executing my quest. In addition, the realization of assisting altruistically my fellow man on a global basis added another layer of purpose that serves my Father on several levels towards my missionary life. For example, I’ve always felt a need to help other to seek a better life for themselves spiritually, physical, and mentally since I have made a consciousness decision to follow my desire help others for the greater need of others rather than my own needs that is more than satiating my need to work with those in need of life skillsets. On 2010, I turned eighteen (18) years of age. I remember this time frame only in that I served on my first international missionary trip in Jakarta, Indonesia for two (2) weeks of my life at a small village that was thirty (30) minutes from Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. During my time at the small village, I had to overcome feelings of discomfort since this was my first time outside my
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