Called to the Headmaster's Office

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I was fighting in the trenches when a fresh battalion of German forces headed towards us there heads like the tips of arrows and spears used by the hunters of old. The noise of the machine gun fire drowned out the cries of despair and horror that had painted these lands with a scarlet tint. Brother fell after brother as the war raged on. The bodies were left there to rot. A bomb containing mustard gas had been let off. I was lucky. I got my gas mask on. For one of my allies their luck was out. He drowned in the sea of yellow as he coughed and spluttered the foul red foam of death. A German soldier had launched himself from the smoky landscape into the trench. I acted on instinct and shoved my knife into his body, his life now torn. He died slowly and in agony. I locked eyes on the soldier his eyes like they had been formed in the sea. No it couldn't be. I thrust my hand into his jacket as I read his dog tags. I screamed an ear shattering scream as the realization had sunk in. The speed of time slowing down to a halt. My hands covered in red like the devils. My best friend was killed by my own hand. Where do I start? Well...I... It’s hard to find the right place to start. Let's just start from the beginning. I suppose it all began back in 1910 in my home town of Falkirk. I was twelve at the time, just a little lad, so innocent, so naive. I was called to the headmaster’s office. "James," he started in his booming voice "I have proposition for you." "Yes sir?" I replied
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