Caloric Intake and Childhood Obesity Essay

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Since I was a child, I have always known I wanted to become a doctor, but I did not know what kind of doctor I wanted to become. Did I want to become a doctor to earn a lot of money and live a prosperous life, be respected in society, or so that I could simply help other people? The answer came to me not too long ago while I was volunteering at the Methodist Richardson Hospital. During my time in the children’s ward reading books with these children or even just talking to them, I felt a sense of fulfillment. Seeing these children with life threatening diseases, such as cancer, smiling happily as if nothing were wrong, living their lives as if they were not stuck in hospital beds made me just love them and their positive attitudes. Working…show more content…
Environmental factors significantly lead to childhood obesity, such as food availability. We can easily purchase different kinds of food today, most of which are unhealthy, and this increases the likeliness of a higher caloric intake. Parents today are too busy focusing on work that that they do not take the time to prepare healthy, nutritious meals for their kids, and make sure they exercise enough to balance out their caloric intake and their calories utilized. Childhood obesity is increasing in prevalence and severity because of food availability and decline in physical activity in children. Programs and apps are needed to advocate a combination of positive body image, healthy lifestyle, nutrition, and physical exercise in children and that is what my senior capstone project plans to focus on.
Childhood obesity is a major public health crisis that is rapidly increasing and affecting the health of children all around the United States. Obesity is the result of the imbalance of calorie intake and calories used. Research conducted concerning childhood obesity shows that most childhood diseases are encountered because of early onset childhood obesity. Throughout my life as a student and as a volunteer at a children's hospital, I have witnessed firsthand the kinds of unhealthy, caloric dense food children consume that cause them to gain weight.
Childhood obesity has become such an epidemic because of the lack of parental awareness and influence
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