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The Summary
Calveta Dining Services was created by Antonio Calveta and built on his passion for food and traditional family values and finally. Antonio started expand his business after year 1996 and enter into senior market during year 1972. By 2009, Calveta Dining Services contracts with senior living facilities (SLFs) for the management of food service to residents. Calveta Dining Service owed its success in Antonio Calveta’s way and the customized services they offered to the SLF residents. As a result, Calveta had enjoyed three decades of strong growth.
After 35 years of leadership in the company, Antonio was retired at 2007 and named his eldest son, Frank, as CEO over his other siblings including his sister Jennifer who was more
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Customers’ satisfaction is one of the significant reasons for an organization to be continually grows to its success. This cultural and lifestyle focused again, puts Calveta in a competitive advantage against its competitors as they treated their clients like their family members. Calveta is definitely deserved to be awarded with the increasing industry recognition for the pragmatic approach they are practicing when customers’ satisfaction is taken into consideration.

“Charity” and “Respect” are the values that are taught by Calveta to their employees so that it becomes a norm in Calveta. Charity doesn’t necessary need to be done externally but also internally among the staffs of Calveta. They taught their staffs to be helpful towards one another even during work hours. Efficiency and effectiveness in their staffs performances too increases as wastage for example, in the context of time is dramatically reduced in figuring out the solutions to any difficulties faced. Respect on the other hand, don’t only come from internally but also towards external stakeholders such as their clients and guests. Simple quote “if you want people to respect you, you will have to respect others the way you want them to respect you” explains the importance of respect element. As these values that are embedded into the culture of Calveta, it helps in creating good working environment.

“Educational Programs” are provided by Calveta for the importance of their employees’

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