Calveta Dining Essay

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Cavleta Dining Services, Inc: A Recipe for Growth?

Company History
• Calveta Dining Services, Inc. was a $2 billion, privately held firm
• Managed food service operations for nearly 1,000 senior living facilities (SLFs) in the United States
• Ran food service for 976 SLFs
• Employed 15, 000 people.
• Calveta’s staff was responsible for the aspects of the operations of the dining facilities
Menu development
Meal Preparation and Service
Implementation of special programs (Themed dinners and Family Events)
Company Background
1972- Antonio Calveta entered the Senior Market
After of 35 years of leadership Antonio Calveta retired in 2007
Frank Calveta was named CEO
Frank Calveta was given goals to achieve within the
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Promote from within culture was evident at Calveta.
3. Why haven’t other food service providers copied Calveta’s approach?
Antonio Calveta’s approach is the base for his organization. He worked hard to maintain the mission of the company. As a result of this, it would be difficult to duplicate his approach. The goal of the majority of companies is to make a high profit and that’s all that they would work towards. However, Calveta’s promise to deliver fresh products and provide great service creates a good profit margin without it being their focus. Calveta’s approach is costly to them but it works and produces a profit. Most other companies would not utilize such methods for fear of losing their profits.
4. Given Calveta’s communication and internal organizational challenges, how important will training and development be to maintaining growth and culture?
Training and professional development are key to the maintenance of any company’s growth and culture. Leaders of any strong company should realize that improving skill set, increasing knowledge, and employees’ job satisfaction are important to the positive growth of the company. Providing training and development provides opportunities for workers to gain managerial skills and gain managerial skills and gain upward mobility in the company.
5. Calveta’s fifth goal is profitable growth. Goals one through four are more ethical in nature. Is goal
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