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Calvin Klein Assignment

When people think of Calvin Klein majority will probably have an automatic image of a half-naked chiseled male model with his jeans unbuttoned. This “natural response,” so to speak, is due to CK’s great effort in connecting sex appeal with its product. CK took a bold, marketing chance with sex appeal and benefited from selling it to the point of controversy. To market sex appeal to customers, who are mainly in their prime time such as 20-40 year-olds, CK had to understand product concepts and product adoption levels. The following composition will explain such concepts and levels, in addition to explaining how the brand developed over time. The infamous cliché “Sex Sells” does not fall short to CK’s
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Once this realization gets going, customers are eager to find out more about how comfortable or how different CK briefs are compared to other brands.
Since the advertisements are very sexual, customers who are aware and interested in CK’s underwear will begin to evaluate the costs and benefits of the new good. CK’s advertisements and models suggest that by wearing CK underwear it will give the wearer confidence to be sexy and attractive. With the advertisements subliminally suggesting this, interested customers would see a benefit in buying a pair.
In the fourth stage of product adoption, trial of CK’s new underwear line was probably difficult. Trying on underwear is not as easy as test driving a car; it’s unsanitary. Therefore, heavy advertisements were created to give the illusion that many people wear CK underwear—especially the very sexy people that always gets the guy or girl.
Finally, the fifth and sixth stages of product adoption are adoption and confirmation. Adoption is where the customer actually buys the new good and confirmation is where he or she likes the product and continues to purchase it (Solomon, pg. 256). Since the beginning, CK’s marketing methods have always been about sex appeal. This goes to show that throughout the times CK’s sexy, barely-clothed model advertisements are adopted and liked by consumers. Consumers from any generation feed off the idea of being sexy when wearing the brand, and that is what

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