Calvin Klein IMC Plan Essay

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Integrated Marketing Communications
Group Project

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Table of Contents Page Number
Executive Summary 3
• Product Description
• Management Responsibility
• Geographic Location & Length of the Campaign

Situational Analysis
• Current Market Position
• Company Analysis
• Competitive Analysis
• Opportunity
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How our Product is different
• Incorporates the latest fabric (nylon) technology for swimwear; to foster increased comfort and support for consumers. Competitor brands such as AussieBum are already using this latest technology, therefore in manufacturing with this fabric CK is keeping up with industry innovations and developments.
• CK has not yet diversified into the swimwear market in Australia, venture will capture the market demand for quality premium swimwear
• CK will employ the latest print designs and patterns with assistance from fashion industry experts that will assist in distinguishing our product from our competitors.
• Prestige associated with purchasing the CK swimwear, in the fact it CK is predominantly a American brand therefore consumers may be more inclined to purchase based on this prestige and exclusivity factor

Management Responsibility
The creation and development of this product requires a subdivision or team to be established at CK Australia to monitor the establishment, development and execution of the manufacturing, delivery and marketing elements associated with the swimwear range. These individuals must be accustomed and familiar with the CK brand, ensuring the core messages and themes remain constant throughout the marketing campaign and remain aligned with the CK brand image. Geographic

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