Calvin's Alternate Ending

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Calvin miserably thought about the situation at home. He and his several siblings were almost never at home during the day. He thought about how things used to be back at home. Happy and carefree. Little Calvin rocketed towards the door when he heard it open.
“Daaadddddyyyyyy!” he exclaimed with delight. A familiar man walked through the door.
“Hi Calvin!” He caught the running Calvin and lifted him up in the air.
“Hi Pop.”
“Hello Father.”
“Hi Daddy!”
“Hi Nathaniel! Did you have a good day at work?” asked Ma.
Everyone in the family crowded around the dad and gave him hugs and kisses.
“Dinner’s almost ready! Hinky can you set the table?”
Hinky trotted towards the table, and everyone else left to do their own things. Calvin skipped to the
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