Camargo's The Ballet Body

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The Ballet Body
The origin of the dance figure was in the eighteenth century. A young dancer by the name of Marie Camargo became a prominent figure on the stage. She was light-footed sure of her steps and shorter than all of the male dancers on the stage. Her timing for her career was perfect. This was at the time that it became fashionable to go to the ballet. Camargo became famous and every young dancer in the world wanted to go to the same dance company so that they could share in her fame. The company would not let any new dancers in who were taller than their star performer. As girls reached five feet five their dreams would be smashed at the realization that they would never have Camargo's figure. This new dancer also redefined the shape of the classical ballet dancer. Before her debut on the stage the ballet dancers were not traditionally small, but due to her popularity, the new figure became mandatory to succeed in the world of ballet.
There are many people around us who think they are fat. Many of it come from the pressure of boys and how they think girls bodies should be like. For
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In order to stay that way girls deny themselves what they need to grow. Before parents find out what the girls are doing, it is possible that eating disorders have already started to come into the light. In severe cases, girls have starved themselves and in the end, they have died. When the adults do find out what's going on girls often quit or turn to modern dance because there figure isn't suitable for modern ballet. Unfortunately, teachers still put into students heads that they are, “ too fat and need to go on a diet.” That then gets interpreted as “stop eating or you will never become a
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