Cambodi The Country Of Cambodia

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In the southern portion of the Indochina peninsula in Southeast Asia lays the small country of Cambodia, a country that has been in economic turmoil for decades. One economic downfall after another has led to about a third of the nation existing below the poverty line which was at 2,473 Riel or 61 cents per day in 2010. Cambodia’s population is estimated to be around 15,000,000 people. So that leaves about 5,000,000 in poverty. The current struggle Cambodia has to face is the future. The private sector needs to create enough jobs to handle Cambodia’s demographic imbalance. Nearly half of the population is under 21. Due to the poverty in this country children are victims of malnourishment from a very young age. As you can imagine, growing up in conditions such as these lead to impacts on their education and learning skills. This puts Cambodia’s youth in a highly vulnerable position as it would it any country. Migrating to the urban areas without any money, knowledge, or support these youth get pushed into a life of alcoholism, drug addictions, sex trade, HIV exposure, theft, and killing. There is an estimate of about 24,000 children who work and live on the streets. Cambodia is a society where it is not common to share your family problems. They are considered private issues and no one really cares to hear about them. Sharing things like this is considered a weakness. This could be a cause or effect of the lack of social services and counseling in Cambodia. The education

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