Cambodi The Greatest Adventure I Have Ever Had?

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Traveling to Cambodia was the greatest adventure I have ever had. Even though I’m afraid of airplanes and I have vertigo, traveling and exploring is just one thing that is all worth the braveness. I never heard of the country Cambodia before. I had no idea where that was situated, or what kind of people live there. I learned so much about the country, history, culture, aspirations, food, people, tricks, language, currency, religion, projects, customs, struggles, and so much more. Who would have ever thought, I got to know more about Cambodia, a new place to me, more than the country I was born and have deep roots with. It is a shame, realizing how little I know the country where I was raised for half of my years alive. Nevertheless, I felt as I was adopted by Cambodia. The similarities from my birth country, Ecuador, and Cambodia were many. I didn’t feel too new, or too out of the world; it was as I have been there before. I felt so accustomed right away. The people there treated me as if I was part of them, when not seen with the group. The whole travel was an awakening for myself. Every day I learned something new I realized how oblivious I am. My attentiveness towards people and life increased more and more as I discovered and learned new things. I found the ‘me’ that has been longing to exit to fulfill many dreams. I discovered the meaning behind the reserved person I am. While others shared their emotions and concerns aloud, I was thinking about the faces, pictures,…
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