Cambodian Genocide Essay

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Cambodian Genocide Dead bodies everywhere you turn. The smell of gunpowder, filth, and death choke your lungs. You wonder everyday whether it will be your last. All your body feels is pain; all your heart feels is emptiness. One might think this is how life was for Jews during the Jewish Holocaust. In reality, this is how life was for many Cambodians during the reign of Pol Pot between 1975 and 1979. This event, known to many as the Cambodian genocide, left a profound mark on the world around us.
In the late 70’s, nearly 2 million Cambodians died of overwork, starvation, torture, and execution in what became known as the Cambodian genocide. A group known as the Khmer Rouge took control of the country in April 1975. Over the course of
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People were ordered out their houses so that the Khmer Rouge could convert them into bases of operation. Houses that weren’t being used as bases were instead being used as make shift orphanages.
Besides having labor camps, Pol Pot used many prisons to get rid of many Cambodians. Out of 150 death camps spread across the country, the most famous is Tuol Sleng Prison, or S-21 as it is more commonly referred to. There are only 7 known survivors out of an estimated 14,00 total prisoners. The purpose for the prisons was to question and kill those that were opposed to the Khmer Rouge. Even people from Western and European nationalities were kept as criminals. Before being placed in cells, prisoners were photographed. They would then be tortured until a confession could be made about whatever crime they were charged with. These confessions and photographs were then sent to High-ranking officials in the Khmer Rouge as a confirmation that the “traitors” were eliminated. Those that were waiting for their time come had to endure many horrible things. Their legs were shackled onto iron bars placed around the room. Permission from the guards was needed to do things like adjust themselves while sleeping or even defecating into buckets that were provided for them. Bathing was merely opening a hose on a room filled with prisoners. Babies that were brought in were killed either by a Machete or by being thrown into walls and trees. Those who died in the
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