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Cambridge Satchel Company

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Table of Contents Task 1: Performance of a Small Business Enterprise (LO1: 1.1, 1.2, and M1,M3,D2) 3 Describe the nature and objectives of the Cambridge Satchel company Ltd and conduct a comparative analysis of it operations using the data presented. 3 Task 2: Change Management and Business Performance (LO2: 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 and M2,M3,D2) 5 a) Identify and discuss how Cambridge Satchel Company Ltd managed its weaknesses and the methods deployed to reposition itself in the competitive environment. 5 (b) Explain the measures put in place in taking advantage of the opportunities with specific reference to Personnel Management 6 Task 3: Business Objectives, plans and changes ( LO 1:
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The Satchel Company’s leather products have a better effective brand. The Satchel brand competes with the other leather products in the UK market and the worldwide market. When evaluating, it might be seen that the market trend is based on the product differentiation. The company products are exclusive, therefore the customers who are willing to buy in this product. According to this scenario, the Satchel’s products are mostly consumed by the Hollywood models.
The Cambridge Satchel Company’s products are well-recognizable staple to any wardrobe; The Cambridge Satchel Company has developed a household name. So, this is getting the more affection among the customers nationally as well as internationally.
The small enterprise weaknesses are based on the product range in the market and the sales, the specific company weaknesses are they sell products at a higher price. Essentially leather is more affluent than the other materials, therefore the company has to sell products in expensive, so this is the weak point of the Satchel products and only high class people can consume the products and middle class family is not much considered to buy this product, therefore this is the weakness of the specific product too (Rickey, 2011).
The comparative measure of performance of the business is founded on the business financial statement and mostly the assets and liabilities are measured for the performance of the

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