Cambridge Tesol Celta Lessons from the Classroom

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Cambridge TESOL CELTA 08/07/2013 Assignment 2.4: Lessons from the classroom Part One: Evaluation of my teaching practice: I am compiling this self-evaluation report after my third teaching practice in the classroom. My teaching time lasted 40 minutes each time, and my class size varied between 15 and 16 students (ss) at a time. Classes comprised a good mixture of foreign ss, representing various European and non-European nationalities and cultures. The feedback I received on all TP sessions emphasised on my confidence in delivering the teaching practices which was good and encouraging. The other positive element of delivering the lesson that came out of the feedback was my interaction and engagement with the students…show more content…
I personally feel that one has to keep talking to maintain ss interest in the lesson. Otherwise the ss may get bored. I do realise now that this is not the case. I do also realise that by seeking feedback from the ss, it will keep them focused and engaged. So, this is something I must work on, and should reduce my TTT as advised by peers but mainly by my tutor. I believe the message here for me is...Get the ss involved, because they are eager to contribute. Hopefully, in my upcoming TP session I will try to get my audience talking telling their feedback. Anticipated problems: This is an ongoing issue. I know I can never anticipate enough nor all the problems which may arise during the lesson delivery. I think this issue will be ongoing for one’s teaching life. I suppose the only way around it will be a parallel ongoing anticipation process of all problems/surprises which ss may throw at me as a teacher. Not only one has to predict the odd vocabulary or grammar questions that ss may ask, but also, depending on the subject of the day, the teacher has to research his text/subject thoroughly before hand. The teacher has to cater for all circumstances or phases that ss may be going through, so be alert and pay attention to details are the two elements of mental state required in order to predict problems effectively and efficiently. In other words, one has to

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