Camden Crime Rate And Crime Rates

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After reading the article, there are three main points that we should discuss revolving around Camden crime rate. Camden is known for having the leading part one offenses which is murder topping off the charts compared to other New Jersey cities. The first point, that will be reviewed is the high crime rates that have been displayed in Camden for numerous years which has lead there chief to believe in the philosophy of community policing. Secondly, not all residents have seen the decrease of crime in their area such as the Community Baptist Church. The final point that will be discussed is why Camden crime rate has not turned around and why we should include the public on crime awareness in their area.
First, Camden police chief decided to turn his community into a community policing in the attempts to lower crime rates in his area. The reason for turning his attention to this model is because more police officers will be on the streets and engaging with citizens. Chief Scott Thomson, decided to change his policing technique with the community policing outlook so society can see that police are active and in response so less criminal activities will be tried. Which in the first two years of this police theory it has shown to have worked with the crime rate of murder dropping which was a relief for Camden police officer and residents. This philosophy also makes police officers more community friendly while keeping close attention while monitoring their zone.
Secondly, the

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