Camera Angles In Beowulf

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An iconic film that has shown the generations of Anglo-Saxon culture is called Beowulf, created in 2007 by Robert Zemeckis. Beowulf is the legendary warrior, he and his men set out on a journey to Denmark to fight a battle and conquer a foreign beast. During the specific portion of the film Beowulf, being the noble king that he is, ignored Wiglaf’s word of advice to not fight as it is not a king like thing to do. Secondly, Beowulf stood out in the scene as he removed his armor and stood tall compared to Fin from Frisian, which represents body language. Lastly, the battle took place on the shoreline of Denmark, close to the castle, the cinematography included the ocean with many guards and warriors surrounding the foreign warrior. To begin…show more content…
Beowulf arrives on the scene with along with Wiglaf right behind, and demand his soldiers to finish the foreign warrior off quickly. Authority is shown by the specific camera angles as Beowulf is shown in depth to the low angle shot and also the close up during their engagement between each other. With the camera committing a close up on Beowulf it shows the buildup of an important scene coming up and it builds the stage for the viewer. With the camera angle showing Beowulf with the low angle shot, it resembles his appearing larger and more dominant than the opponent. His opponent was given the high angle shot showing isolation and having a lesser importance compared to the king. An over the shoulder camera angle was also used, the camera goes through Finn’s shoulder while he is holding his weapon up high and Beowulf’s face is right in the center dominating his opponent just by verbally speaking to him. Secondly, body language is equally important as the camera angles are, as body language shows how a character responds to an event happening. A body has many secret meanings and during this scene, Beowulf is seen being dominant by taking control of an escalating situation near the shores of Denmark. Beowulf uses
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