Cameras : Cameras With Digital Cameras

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cameras with digital cameras I will place cameras on all the floors and entrances and parking garage this will not only add an extra security presence but also adding cameras to monitor employees for possible internal theft. I also replaced all the monitors with LCD screen this will help in making the screen clearer when either monitoring the cameras or when employees are walking through the entrance. This helps show the employees that we can see anything and see it clear. ID Badges/Locks All employees are required to carry an ID card at all times when in the building and the ID card is required to visible at all times. The ID card also acts also as key cards to access to lock doors. All doors to department areas are locked at all times and you need a key card to access these areas. I am huge fan to having a key access card to get access to certain areas. According to explains the benefits of having a key access card system. “Electronic access cards are currently the most secure building option. They replace locks with intelligently controlled devices, and are operated by swiping an authorized card, which unlocks the respective door. Doors may be unlocked during business hours and locked at a pre-programmed time. This eliminates the need to lock doors manually. Propping doors open is common; sensors on the door may also provide notification of a door propped open for a period of time.” Not…
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