Cameras in Schools Essay

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Cameras in Schools

Surveillance in schools has become more popular, not only for safety reasons, but also to monitor the classrooms and teachers. In recent years, violent episodes in schools in Arkansas, Colorado, California, Kentucky, Mississippi and other states have led educators and legislators to make safe schools a priority. The only problem with making the schools safer is how to make them safer without people feeling violated. Some programs to decrease the violence and inappropriate behavior rates are character education and peer meditation; however, this is not enough. Educators and legislators feel that with the issue of surveillance, the decrease will be more dramatic. Safety is not the only use for surveillance. Two of the
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There are literally thousands of webcams across the world observing various topics and surroundings. Besides being a recording device webcams are used as a communication device. Two people who have webcams set it up to communicate with someone else from anywhere in the world. This communication allows a person to not only hear the person they are talking to but, see a live image of them as well. More recently, webcams have been used in schools and are used for communicating, teaching and for surveillance. This new technology has made a positive and negative affect in today’s school systems.

Webcams are positive to education for their usage in communication, teaching purposes and for surveillance. Students throughout the world can talk to any student in any other school around the world through set up videoconferences. Webcam communication gives students the opportunity to learn first hand by being informed by a student of a particular race or living in a particular part of the world. Webcams are also used in other ways for teachers to educate their students. With the thousands of webcams over the world like the BBC webcams that provide an A-Z listing of various topics give students the opportunity to bring far away places and real time events to life. It opens up an opportunity for students to be open to new things and creating imagination. Teachers themselves can host webcams. Teachers set up webcams around the school to observe things that will

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