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Cameron Moore
Erica Peterson
English 1320
3 February 2017

Annotated bibliography
In choosing for this research project I have decided to challenge the ethical problem of the shortcomings of feminism. There has been much debate over feminism, the questioning of its purpose, its design, its inclusiveness, it is stance on other matters that connect to it. In a quest in finding the shortcomings, and bringing them to light. Using other essays as sources I plan to make this bibliography a journey into the scope not just feminism, but the history of feminism, intersectional feminism, the wage gap, and what defines a feminist. We will take into account of all aspects of feminism and how authors of some essays included have offered their
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N.p., n.d. Web. 05 Feb. 2017. Gaye explains about feminism extensively. Roxanne shows us that there an error in the way of most feminist thinking. That being a generalized thinking of what a feminist is, which is the tomboy, man hating, and other stereotypes that suspend the cultivation for others to consider the feminist movement in better light. Her solution to this problem is for every woman to embrace what makes them happy. Gaye loved pink things and “girly” things. If women did the same as what she did then the current definition of feminism held by society would began to dissipate and reform.
I find that using this is as a source would prove effective because it adds to the main objective of the shortcomings in feminism. While it is clear that though we have made several steps in the feminist movement, the movement it subjects self into internal torture by women not accepting the title because of its negative social connotations.

Leber, Rebecca. "The Gender Pay Gap Is Bad. The Gender Pay Gap for Women of Color Is Even Worse." New Republic. N.p., 14 Apr. 2015. Web. 07 Feb. 2017. This is an excellent piece written by Leber it shows in such greater detail of not just whats wrong with the way the world is viewed for women, but also how even amongst women there are gaps remaining even to this day. The wage gap is so prominent in America, we have problems on two fronts. Problem one is yes women in general are earning twenty-two percent less than men. The
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