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Camp Grounded It didn 't seem different, just a casual day at camp, the sun bright in the sky, kids running everywhere as they cool air kept them going, but little did I know, it was all about to change...For the worst. I woke up at 6:00 and Xavier and I went outside for some fresh air. It was the First day at camp and the first day away from my nagging parents, who were the reason I came to camp, so I could finally have fun without them bothering me. Everyone else was inside sleeping, so me and Xavier went around the camp to the area that were usually packed with people, that was the biggest benefit of getting up early, you got to do anything you wanted, except for the canoes which were not aloud until 12:00, for supervision reasons. We hurriedly ran to the wooden cave like house they called the story building, where we eagerly took out our devices we had been so patiently waiting to play, we cautiously looked out and saw no one. With the rule of no phones allowed, the mornings were the perfect time to play, with the supervisor not up yet. As for the camp itself, it was large and had many places to go and it was right next to a lake. There were multiple buildings such as the kitchen,the story room, the cabins and the gift shop. After about an hour we headed back right before people started to get up, no one knowing we had left the cabin. So while everyone got ready for the day we hid our cellphones and tablets under our clothes at the bottom of our bags, where no one

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