Camp Advanced Field Exercises And Physical Challenge Program

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AFEP Camp—Advanced Field Exercises and Physical Challenge Program is one of the many special training programs that Marines have the opportunity to take advantage of and earn certificates in their records while serving on active duty in the Corps. It is one of the most difficult and challenges programs in all the Corps advanced training and extension certification programs offerings. To earn the certification that it imparts means that you are one of the most physically adept and capable men in the Corps. The thing is that it’s so difficult that most of the men who sign up for the program end up dropping out within the first few days of its getting underway each cycle. I had been on the waiting list the AFEP for more than 14 months when I finally got the word that I had been given a spot. I have always been in great shape. I have taken a great deal of pride in my body and a great deal of personal satisfaction in my physical fitness level ever since I started working out when I was 12 years old. My dad was the one who had gotten me into fitness, taught me all about lifting weights, running, performing calisthenics, and other tasks to build my body and keep it in the best shape that it could be in. He had set up a weight room in the garage of our house, and we would work out at night when he got home from work. We would lift weights and do other exercises in our underwear before dinner. He figured that was just as good as any workout clothes. Those evenings in the garage

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