Camp B : Sir Jack 's Problem Essay

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Camp B was Sir Jack 's problem, he had the forces from Minos with him, along with the sword maiden Josie. Jack 's task was going to be harder than the others, he was supposed to capture at least one of the snorpians alive for questioning. Right now he was in waiting mode, his forces were concealed in the woods between camp B and the snorpian 's main base. Camp B was where the pregnant females were being kept, Jack had no desire to rush in their with waving swords and have to fight his way through a multitude of abused females. Some slaves ran by from the direction of the main base and Jack let them pass by unmolested, maybe they would try to reinforce the main base and he could strike out at the snorpians when they passed by, enabling him to avoid direct contact with most of the females.
Jack waited an hour and there was no sign that these snorpians had any intention of going to the aid of their fellows. He had no choice now he 's have to advance to camp B. He gave the necessary orders and his forces surrounded the camp. The females stood at the perimeter waiting for them with weapons poised, this was going exactly the way Jack didn 't want it to.
Jack said, “I 'm going to try and talk to them, see if I can get them to stand down.”
Josie said, “I don 't think that 's a good idea. If I was in their shoes, I would be very angry with the entire male gender. They 've been raped, forced to carry the offspring of their rapists and the males of their kind have failed to rescue
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