Camp David Accords

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The State of Israel formerly known as Palestine is known as one of the most conflict infected areas. Problems between the Palestinian Arab population and the Israeli one constantly happen. But how did this come to be? Palestine was an area that was home to an Arab majority prior to World War II, but do to many factors the Jewish population increased. These factors included heavy migration into Palestine after the establishment of the British mandate and the Balfour Declaration, which was signed in 1917. Migration increased as well due to anti-Semitism in Europe and the Holocaust. Due to Britain’s lack of control of migration, and problems arising in the region as well, the decision was given to the U.N. It was a partition plan in 1947 between the Arabs and the Jewish population, but soon after that Israel declared its independence.
On May 14, Israel declared its independence, and the U.S recognized the State
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A) Government Actors involved in the Camp David Accords.
I. Egypt, more specifically the Egyptian President Anwar Saadat is the first actor, and an extremely important one since the Camp David Accords involved making a peace agreement between Israel and Egypt. Egypt was extremely disappointed in prior negotiations with Israel that called for withdraw of the 1967 border. Prior to that Sadat tried to help make a Middle Eastern settlement with Israel such as speaking to the Israeli parliament.
II. Minachem Begin was the prime minister of Israel during the time of the Camp David Accords. Unlike many of the prior prime ministers of Israel he was willing to attend the meet and an agreement was eventually settled.
III. Jimmy Carter was an extremely important, for he was the one who facilitated the talks. Sadat and Begin were at a deadlock in negotiations, and Jimmy Carter was able to get Egypt and Israel to come up with an agreement between the two states.
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