Campaign Analysis : A Campaign

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The unequivocal objective of a political campaign is to raise the prospect of victory. Chiefly, it seeks to influence the decision making process of a target group to gain votes with any tools available funded by donations. With that in mind, campaigns are constantly finding cost effective ways to get the political message across. A targeted method that communicates to a specific audience can only be achieved if a campaign has the ability to parse, sort and understand the amount of voter data that they gathered throughout the cycle. Hence, the adoption of data analytics as part of a campaign machinery is not only natural, but as of recently, indispensable (McDonald, Licari, & Merivaki, 2015). A data savvy campaign has a tactical advantage in targeted campaign and the past two election cycles demonstrates that while analytics does not cause a paradigm shift in the campaign methodology given its limits, it caused enough ripple for every campaign team to take notice. (Sides, 2014)
Data analytics is not only present in the campaign trail but also in the media that covers the election cycle. From the prognostication of data experts during panel interviews, up to the post analysis done in the exit polls, data analytics have served as a background and even as a jumping off point for discussion, with a caveat that media could be appropriating data analysis according to their perceived political leanings (Morgan, 2015).
This paper describes the role of data analytics in…
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