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‘Start Thinking Soldier’ Recruitment Campaign


Page Summary 1 * Aim * Message * Development

Marketing communication techniques * Advertising 2-3 * Personal selling 4 * Public Relations 4

Success of the campaign 5
Improvements in the
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The radio advertisement was broadcasted on the radio stations below: * BFBS Radio (UK) – This station broadcasts news tailored to the military community and is targeted at 16 overs. (BFBS,2009) * Local community radios (Scotland, Northern Ireland & England) – They cater for whole communities or for different areas of interest. I.e. it caters for young people, religious communities and Armed Forces. (Ofcom, no date)
The radio advertisement for this campaign drove people to the website in order to turn their sound dimensions to a visual. This resulted in an increase of visitors to their website and attracted a wider audience.

Advertisements were published in the ‘Soldier’ magazine which was aimed primarily at junior ranks but also of interest to all ranks of the British Army and the wider military community. (Army, 2009) The print advertisements were designed explicitly to drive customers to their campaigns website where more information could be found.

Advertisements in order: Girlfriend, Football and Kitten. (Advertolog, 2009)
Viral marketing utilises social networks to quite a large extent to create awareness and can be spread by word-of-mouth or through the internet.
The campaign used this method to target 17-21 year olds by uploading a number of different video clips, including the Start Thinking

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