Campaign Finance Regulations

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Campaign finance regulations have the potential to stifle free speech and impede the election process created for fair and efficient elections. These laws, which limit political spending, serves to limit speech by restricting the average citizen’s ability to both receive and deliver political messages. Laws that restrict spending on political campaigns not only dampen freedoms of speech but but have a counter affect on our democratic society. Regardless of which political side of the fence you are on, these laws work more to extend the problem they purport to fix. Allowing more contributions simply permits more people to participate in the ­system — thus diffusing influence, rather than concentrating it among the large corporations and unions. Campaign­-finance reform, then, actually undermines the effort to ­promote equal access to the political arena. This slippery slope started a long time ago, essentially at the founding of our republic. James Madison knew that men, by their nature, were not angels. Madison’s approach was rather than limit the “factions” that naturally exist in a free society, but rather to control their ill effects. “The society itself will be broken into so many parts, interests and classes of citizens that the rights of individuals, or of the minority, will be in little danger”. In other words, the idea was not to limit our many factions but to allow them to divide and limit the power of government itself so their many interests could not
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