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Lawn signs, television advertisements, billboards, and political rallies are some of the key components of a successful political campaign. A political campaign is an organized effort which seeks to influence the democratic public that is voting for its elected officials. These seemingly trifling parts of a campaign cost money. Money equals power, is the political mantra in today’s society. Campaigning can cost millions of dollars, and it is logical to believe that only those with the means have the ability to participate in the race for leadership. In a democratic society such as ours, every person has the right to vote and stand up for what they believe is right. Every person, from Donald Trump to the regular middle class citizen, …show more content…
This is important because as a democratic society everyone should have an equal opportunity to be a part of our government. The outcomes of elections are certainly not set in stone, but we can tell from opinion polls and early voting polls who is the likely candidate to win. If we see that a candidate that is winning in the polls has a lot of financial support behind him then we can assume that he has the greater chance of winning.
In order to find a relationship between the amount a politician spends on his campaign and the greater likelihood of him being elected, I have created the following hypothesis:
H1: The more money a politician spends on his campaign, the greater the chance he has of being elected as opposed to other politicians, who have less funding towards their campaigns.
In this hypothesis, the logic presented is that, the more a politician can spend on his campaign, the more his name and ideas will get out to the public; therefore the greater his chance of being elected. The independent variable is the amount a politician spends on his campaign which affects the dependent variable, the greater the chance he has of being elected. When a politician’s name is presented often through means of television ads or signs, the more likely his constituents are to remember his name come Election Day. This increases his chance being elected over an opponent who is unknown

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