Campaign Strategies

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Improving Physical Fitness and Activity with Campaign Strategies This writer agrees that the strategies are effective in increasing physical activity. The Task Force conducted reviews of community intervention and recommended six interventions. Additionally, they recommend community-wide campaigns strategy to be effective in increasing physical activity and improving physical fitness among adults and children because it promotes a healthier lifestyle, it prevents life-threatening diseases, and its positive effects include increases both in knowledge about exercise and physical activity and in intentions to be physically active. The Evidence Regular physical activity associates with enhanced health and reduced risk for all-cause…show more content…
The school-based education is particularly beneficial because teenagers are very influential, consequently changing negative health behaviors at an early stage preventing some of the more serious disease. Health education in schools that promote nutrition and physical activity will encourage a healthy lifestyle and overall healthy people. There are many diets and forms of exercises that can contribute to good health. To elaborate, one is the ketogenic diet and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) which was used in the past to treat seizures, cancers, and diabetes and HIIT was used to dramatically reduce body fat. The results from the benefits opened it up for all people to prevent disease. Some of the benefits of HIIT include improved heart health because the combination of intensities makes it easier to reach the anaerobic zone where your heart is pumping and blood is flowing effectively, in addition HITT training can improve all aspects of your health, including endurance, blood pressure, muscle sculpting, and mental health (Your Weight Matters Campaign, 2017). From experience with the keto diet, I have lost over 20 pounds of boy weight and 9% of body fat content in 45 days. The concept of this diet is to take in high healthy fats, moderate protein, and low carbohydrates. Your body uses carbs and sugars for energy, but when you deplete that energy source, it turns to stored fat for energy. Consequently, reducing your bodyfat percentage, having a good
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