Campaign for Philippine Independence

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The Philippine Legislature created the Commission of Independence in November 1918 “for the purpose of studying all matters related to the negotiation and organization of Philippine Independence.” This Commission was composed of eleven senators, and forty congressmen, majority coming from the Nacionalista Party. One of the most important undertaking of the Commission was the dispatch of the Independence Missions to the United States and alongside this, conducted a publicity campaign through the Philippine Press Bureau. Creation of these Independence Missions was just a first step. These Independence Missions was sent to the United States to appeal to the U.S Congressmen for a law enacted to give the Philippines its independence. Then, …show more content…
Thus, the Mission was rebuffed in its independence plea and with their complaint against Governor Wood.

THE SUPREME NATIONAL COUNCIL While Osmeña was in Washington, Quezon launched the Supreme National Council, uniting all political parties and all segments of Filipino society for a more effective and vigorous fight for Philippine Independence. But some members felt that Quezon established this council to gain full control. The Council had three main objectives: (1) the attraction of substantial Filipinos not heretofore prominent in the independence campaign, with the seeming subordination of the politico element which thus far had dominated it; (2) the decentralization of the campaign so that the provinces might take an active part, played only by Manila; and (3) an attempt at the gradual and peaceful use of the political authority vested in the American Governor General and the Philippine Legislature.

THE PLEBISCITE CONTROVERSY One major disagreement between Governor Wood and the Filipino Leaders was about an Independence Plebiscite Bill. In early November 1925, Philippine Legislature initially passed the bill providing for a Plebiscite on immediate Independence. Its purpose was to counteract the anti – independence campaigns in the United States. The Plebiscite was intended to show the opponents of

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