Essay on Campaign for Women's Suffrage

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Campaign for Women's Suffrage A campaign for women’s suffrage developed in the years after 1870 due to socio-economic and political reasons. The transformation of Britain into an industrialised nation prompted a change in the way gender roles were perceived; separate gender spheres in business, politics and the home were accentuated. Although a woman’s role was still thought to be in the home, they had complete control over all domestic affairs, and began to acknowledge the need to exert more power in the outside world. Religious missionaries, active in the humanitarian movement, were among the first feminists. It was from this feminine public sphere that demands for improvements in the…show more content…
The struggle for women's emancipation transcended national boundaries. In 19th century Western society, movements for the emancipation of women from their legal and social subjection to males arose in a number of Western countries. Women’s suffrage was the next logical step towards full independence and freedom. 2. The NUWSS used peaceful and legal ways to try and win suffrage for women. However some women became dissatisfied with this peaceful stance and believed the only way to gain more support would be to use more aggressive methods. Thus, a faction broke away to form the WSPU, known as the suffragettes, and made a tactical and strategic decision to use actions not words. The Suffragists brought together all local societies to form a national fight. They sent bills to Parliament and had petitions signed. In the 1870s Suffragists attempted to put through a private member’s bill by an individual MP. All their strategies were democratic and peaceful, in contrast to the Suffragettes who used illegal and militant methods to get wider exposure through the Press, and subsequent support. This made them harder to ignore and ensured everyone was aware of their cause. An example of the
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