Campaigning For Office Is One Of The Most Difficult Aspects Of Being A Politician

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Many political figures might say that campaigning for office is one of the most difficult aspects of being a politician. Not only must political figures make preparations of finances, hiring campaign staff, and advertisement, they must be prepared emotionally for what is to come, once they step into the media spotlight. Fast forward into the campaign trail and the time has come for the first political debate against other fellow candidates of the party. There are journalists from all the major news stations covering night’s event. The night goes smoothly as each candidate expresses their views on different policies and how he or she believes the nation should be led. Unfortunately, the unthinkable happens. While making the closing arguments, one of the candidates experiences a wardrobe malfunction. Everyone gasped in shock as journalists rushed their way closer to the podium, all having their chance at snapping pictures from every direction. The candidate’s embarrassing moment spread like wildfire throughout the media networks around the nation, completely ignoring what the night was truly about. All of the above and more are some of the points that Edwards, Wattenberg, and Lineberry, authors of “Reporting the news” make in regards to the evolution of news coverage shifting from what is important to what is entertaining and profitable.
In the article “Reporting the News”, authors George C Edwards III, Martin P Wattenberg, and Robert L Lineberry discuss the different aspects…
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