Campbell Soup Company

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Campbell Soup Company 20041794 한승민 20050254 이해주 20061941 김일회 20071546 김현지 Contents 1. Company overview 2. Case introduction 3. Plastigon developing process 4. Problem & Soultion 1. Over view Campbell soup company /2006 Revenue: $7,343million Operation profit: $1151 million Headquater: Camden, New Jersey Emloyees: 23000 people Market share: about 80% Vision: “Together we will build the world’s most extraordinary food company by nourishing people’s lives everywhere, every day” Value: “We will passionately pursue our mission with Character, competence, and teamwork” 2. Case Introduction Our case is in 1987~8. Its saales of $4.5…show more content…
cooking where the soup was cooked and sterilized; 5. incubation, where the bowls were tested for leaks; and 6. secondary packaging, where the bowls were individually boxed. In the start up period of plastigon production, the equipment turned out to b sufficiently different from standard soup –making equipment that in many cases the vendor could not deliver exactly what was promised. After several discussions, the new plastigon production line should be installed in the Maxton. Because of this, the engineers based in Camden, New Jersey, had to fly to Maxton to work on the equipment. Project request flow chart 1. Request for project 2. Engineering systems writes project proposal 3. Manufacturing Engineering routes projects for appropriate approvals (from Plant/Mfg, CIRT, Eng.Systems,Packaging,Marketing) 4. Task Force formed including representatives (from CIRT, Engineering Systems, Packaging, etc) 5. Milestones set Program coordinator assigned 6. Program coordinator requests resources and coordinates work of functional groups (from Plant/Mfg, CIRT, Eng.Systems,Packaging,Marketing) 7. Line installed and debugged 8. Plant assumes responsibility Gadner’s suggestions 1.Equipment Changes :need to replace the filing equipment with FELMO filing system for good sealing. And need to remove all the limit switch which are not related to product safety. 2. Engineering team :ned more engineers with frozen food
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