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Valuation of Campbell Soup Company Susan Price December 11, 2008 Dr. Jacqueline Garner Finance 601 Business description & brief history Campbell Soup Company is a global manufacturer of high quality soup, beverage, confectionery, and prepared food products. The company is 136 years old, counts about 22,500 employees and represents close to $8 billion in annual sales. Its portfolio is very broad and now includes more than 20 market-leading brands. Campbell’s North American portfolio includes powerful retail and food service brands, including: Campbell 's, Pace, Prego, Swanson, StockPot, V8, and Pepperidge Farm. Each of these brands is #1 or #2 in its category or segment. The North American business represents…show more content…
The company is focused on meeting the demand for products to correspond to growing consumers interests in: • Health and nutrition • quality and convenience Reflecting the healthy trend, Campbell introduced in 2008, “Campbell Select Harvest Light Soups” a new line of ready to serve soups with lower sodium. It also released a line of vegetables soups under the V8 brand corresponding to a healthier option. In addition, the line of Pepperidge Farm gave birth to a new generation of whole wheat breads representing healthier options for their customers. As far as convenience, the company continues to focus on portable, microwavable soups and they also provide a larger selection of portable packages of cookies and crackers to satisfy the needs of customers’ convenience. Additionally, Campbell has expanded through an agreement with the Coca-Cola Company to increase distribution of Campbell’s single serve refrigerated beverages to continue to increase household sampling for longer term increased penetration. Over time, Campbell developed strong relationships with their customers, allowing them to dramatically expand their brand portfolio under the Campbell umbrella. Discussion of profitability, historical earnings, growth and sustainable growth Campbell is part of the landscape of the Philadelphia/Camden area ' they were a family owned business and still have a family presence in board members and on

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