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Campbell Tomato Soup
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-Executive Summary- The Campbell Soup Company is the world’s largest soup manufacturer in the world. In 1897, the Company created their first product, Campbell Condensed Tomato Soup. The White and Red cans are now the most famous brand of tomato soup in the United States and around the globe. Through this product, the Campbell Soup Company is targeting all kinds of populations, from families to the working people.
With an average of 90 cents per can, this tomato soup is a cheap product and accessible by everybody. The Campbell Tomato soup can be found in any grocery store, gas station, Internet, and even more. The Campbell Company is promoting the tomato soup with many commercials and
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The consumers have the

choice to select their tomato soup in function of their diet (Campbell’s, Welcome). Moreover, in 2006, the United Kingdom’s largest food producer also named “Premier Food”, purchased Campbell Soup’s subsidiaries in both the United Kingdom and Ireland. Later, Campbell entered into a licensing agreement with Wolfgang puck Soup Worldwide, Inc., which allowed the company to increase its product line breadth (Campbell’s Soup Company).

-Place- Where can we buy the Campbell Tomato Soup? We can find this product in all grocery stores in the United States, in different gas stations, as well as in vending machines. The Campbell Tomato Soup can be bought online, for example, on the Campbell Company website or on the target website, or in many other grocery stores. Also, Campbell products are sold in 120 countries around the globe. In North American, the « business represents $5.2 billion in sales, with operations in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Latin ». Campbell’s International’s is leading in Europe and Asia Pacific. Their “international business represents $1.5 billion in sales” (Campbell's, Our Company).
What also makes Campbell’s soups really convenient is the fact that you will find those products in any small or local grocery store, because of its cheap price.
Last October 2007, Campbell’s Company had a limited distribution

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