Camping At Devils Lake

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The vibrant greens, the hastening winds through the trees, the mosquitoes biting where mosquito spray is lacking, and the raccoons stealing the last box of lucky charms, these are some of the joys experienced in the great outdoors. The outdoors is one of my favorite get-away locations. From before my adolescence to this day, I am an outdoorsman: From camping at Devils Lake, to canoeing the Canadian Boundary Waters, and even sailing the Florida Keys. Camping is enjoyable for me because it is a place of freedom, a place of relaxation, and a place where I can create memories with my family and friends. The secluded outdoors, away from cities, is a place broken away from the chains of society. Though campgrounds still have rules, the rules instituted our quite lax in both definition and enforcement. People can often do a lot more in a campground or in nature reserves than in cities or even towns. A minor example of this would be the use of bicycles, in a city bicycles need to ride in the bike lane on the right side of the road, however in a campground you can ride the bike on the road or take it off road onto the trails and explore. Though most campgrounds have rules on where you can ride your bike, the rules are not very strict nor are they very enforced. Since there is only a minute amount of people you encounter while camping it also allows you the freedom of doing whatever you want without the judgmental eyes of society laying upon you. I enjoy the lack of judgment
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