Camping Is A Outdoor Activity That Is Enjoyed By Many Each Year

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Camping is a outdoor activity that is enjoyed by many each year. Family, friends and strangers, come together to enjoy the great outdoors. Where the musical sounds of Mother Nature’s symphony orchestra sings you her lullaby as you fall asleep. The warmth from the fire warms your heart as you listen to stories of ghost, creatures, and goblins that the smoke seems to form into as it fades into the midnight sky. This is what I picture when I think about camping until I interview Ryan Oiler about it. Ryan Oiler grandparents introduce him to camping when he was just two years old. Ryan (now 20) has camped out at the Pocono’s, Valley Forge, and even the senator’s baseball field when he was in the Boy scouts. Ryan stated “he cannot imagine life without camping.” With a big smile as he first started the then it quickly want away as he finished the sentence, “life without camping”. Preparing for camping trips is not like packing for a weekend to your grand mom’s house. When packing your tent make sure you spray it with waterproofing spay so it does not get wet from the morning dew or worst rain. As you pack your clothes keep in mind that the weather during the day and night can change drastically. The weather can be 90 degrees during the day and drop to the 70’s at night depending on the camp site. The food surprising just doesn’t consist of chocolate bars, marshmallows, and graham crackers. Some items can be pack are bacon, eggs, and bananas. Depending if you have a cooler and a…
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