Camping Trip : The Camping Trip

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The Camping Trip
“I don’t know about this. I mean, I don’t know anybody, and I have no idea who’s going to be there.” I said, nervously.
“It’ll be fun! You’ll have a great time!” my parents replied.
“Alright, alright. I’ll go.” I sighed. It was the first weekend of August 2014, and I was going camping. My family had recently started going to a new church, and the youth group had invited me on their annual camping trip. I stood in the church parking lot early Friday morning, duffel bag in one hand, sleeping bag in the other. Hugging my parents and younger sisters goodbye, I joined the group of fellow campers. Immediately, I was greeted by an older woman named Zoan.
“Christine! Welcome! Looks like you’re the only female youth joining us on this trip, but I hope we’ll be good company!” Zoan reintroduced me to the other adults; her husband Dave, Hana and her husband Mario, and Laura and her husband Mike. Three boys were also joining us on the trip.
“Okay, everyone! This year we’re going to Eleven Mile State Park, so find a leader with space in their car and let’s get going!” Dave announced. I think Hana could tell that I was nervous, and invited me to ride with her. When we arrived at our destination, I helped unload the supplies. “I’m glad everyone got here safely, but this is not our campsite,” Dave said as he turned and pointed towards the deep blue lake, “we will actually be canoeing to our home for the weekend.” Laura handed me a life vest and as I strapped it on, I told
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