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Camping in the deep woods versus staying in a hotel Amber Duncan University Composition and Communication one October 29 2011 Axia College of University of Phoenix Camping in the deep woods is better than staying in a hotel. Camping in the deep woods means to stay on state land not a campground. Camping in the deep woods has many trees, animals, bugs, and there is not any other people around. While camping there is no bathroom so you will have to find a tree. Compared to hotels, camping in the deep woods is more work, less expensive and more exciting. Camping is hard work but worth the time and effort that is put into camping. Setting up the tents is easy unless you receive a new one and do not know how to set it up right.…show more content…
Hotels have many rooms, some with one bed and some with two beds. If there is a large family more than five than that family will have to get another room which costs twice as much for a second room. Some rooms join for bigger family’s but there is not always space in hotels. Hotels are more expensive than camping in the deep woods. Camping in the deep woods is more exciting and more fun than staying in hotels. Camping has more to look at, more stuff to do, dress how you want and act the how you want. Camping in the deep woods you are looking at trees, animals, the fire, the children playing and watching the sun go from one side to the other. Camping you can go fishing, swimming, play tag, hide and go seek. No one around to tell you what you can and can not do when you are camping. Hotels expect you to be clean and respectful to everyone and to respect the rules. Hotels have a great deal of rules like quiet after a certain hour, no running and no loud noises. Camping is more laid back because there are no rules except for the common sense ones like clean your messes and make sure the fire is out before you leave. Hotels could have bugs, but it depends on the rating of the hotel. Camping is full of bugs and animals. If you did not have food you could hunt it and cook it over the fire. When staying in hotels you should dress appropriately and showered. While camping there is no shower and

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