Campus Crime: City Influenced or Student Provoked Essay

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Campus Crime: City Influenced or Student Provoked

For most students, college is a time of learning and growth, with the occasional partying, and mistakes made here and there. However, in recent years, life on college campuses has taken a drastic turn. In addition to worrying about passing classes, students are also worrying about what their fate will be if they make the wrong decision and turn down the wrong corner.

As home to over 250 college campuses, Boston is a breeding ground for young kids experiencing their first taste of freedom. Because it is a big city, living in Boston poses more threat than living in the suburbs. Students have to worry about more than where they parked their cars and taking cabs home by themselves.
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Although some students believe that Northeastern is still falling short in their efforts to keep their students safe.

According to the Boston University Public Safety department, three forcible sex offenses, three robberies, two aggravated assaults, 57 burglaries, and six motor vehicle threats occurred on the Boston University campus in 2002.

In the same year, seven forcible sex offenses, seven robberies, eight aggravated assaults, 26 burglaries, six motor vehicle thefts, and two arsons occurred on Northeastern’s campus; however; not all of these crimes were committed solely by Northeastern students, according to the Northeastern Public Safety department.

Of the violent crimes recorded, Northeastern’s statistics are higher, and the question may be asked, why?

In order for this question to be answered fairly, the facts must be considered. Fact: Northeastern is considered to have a more “city” campus than its fellow surrounding schools. Fact: Northeastern also has four major T stops on its campus, bringing a mixture of people into contact with its students every day. Fact: Northeastern is neighbor to both Roxbury and the Fenway, two neighborhoods known for their high crime rates.

Keeping these facts in mind, does this in some way make Northeastern more susceptible to crime on campus, or is this crime brewing from right here “at home” on the roads and paths that students walk down every day to go to and from