Campus Wellness : Availability Of Mental Health Resources Essay

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Campus Wellness: Availability of Mental Health Resources

Executive summary
Mental health issues are ever rising in college campuses nationwide. South Carolina has scored poorly with regards to mental health issues. The resources available are scarce and require continued funding to maintain sustainability and provide ongoing support to students and help the community as a whole.

Statement of issue
Mental health issues are arising in college campuses and affect the students as a result of being faced with various challenges. For some students, these challenges may arise from simply struggling with academic performance and due to new responsibilities while transitioning into adulthood. For others, it may due to coping and juggling their various roles at academia, family and workplace (as in the case of many non-traditional students). A study has shown that 75% of lifetime cases of developing a mental illness are affected by the age 25 years. Among college students, 11.9% have anxiety disorders; 7-9% have depression; 8.8% have reported suicide ideation (6.7%), plan (1.6%) or attempt (0.5%); 9.5% with eating disorders; 2-8% have ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder); 0.7-1.9% may show high-functioning ASD (Autism spectrum disorders); and insignificant prevalence for schizophrenia. [1] Data collected from 139 campus counselling centers between 2009 and 2015 have shown “slow, consistent” increase in the prevalence of mental illness on campus where 50% of overall

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