Camus Albert's 'The Plague': A Response to Part Five

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Response to Part five The chapter opens with a Biblical parody of the times after the ten plagues that visited Egypt. This is a season of restoration and coming back of abundance. The plague was now receding with fewer deaths noted in a week and the destruction that had bee occasioned by the plague was getting compensated for. It is noted that "it was thought that a slight improvement in the food-supply could safely be counted on, and this would relieve what was just now the acutest worry of every household." (Camus, 1964:130). Here though the effect of the plague was felt by each individual household, there is hope and restoration seen ahead. The passage also highlights the spiritual and emotional toll that the plague had taken on people of the village. The smiles had disappeared with the onset of the plague and the rampant and unpredictable deaths. The slowing down of the deaths as depicted in the essay lit faces and people started affording smiles with spirits growing lighter as they reminiscence over the cruel past. These smiles were signs of joy part of which was occasioned by the falling of the prices of commodities which had exponentially increased during the plague. These decreases in prices were triggered by the psychological consolation that things were bound to look better with the passing of the plague since the food situation had not show any tangible reprieve. Apparently the plague is noted to have not only triggered deaths and fear, but also the

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