Camus Comprix Research Paper

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Proactive Citizenry Presents Camus Comprix, the First Fully Composite Human Being On Wednesday, April 30, 2089, Proactive Citizenry held a press conference on Molokai Island, Hawaii and revealed its recent creation, Camus Comprix “Cam”, to the public. Cam, whose mind decided his name to be Cam and age to be 16, was interviewed by the reporters for ten minutes after the introduction made by the project supervisor, Roberta Griswold. “I was born, just not all at the same time. And I wasn’t invented, I was reinvented.” Cam shared with the reporters. He was composed of ninety-nine body parts from different unwounds with the best quality. Cam said that it wouldn’t make him any different from everyone else, because everyone also feels like they
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