Can A Company Be Profitable And Environmentally Friendly?

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Can a Company be Profitable and Environmentally Friendly? Marlene Hochstein 05/18/15 Research Paper McNutt Can a company be profitable and environmentally friendly? More companies are reporting profitability from environmentally friendly practices. When one thinks of environmentally friendly businesses, some companies come immediately to mind; Whole Foods, Annie’s, Seventh Generation, and Method, for example, are all known for their commitment to being green. However, there are other firms putting a lot of resources into planet-helping initiatives, companies whose green tactics are far less recognized, and may even come as a surprise to you. I will provide the research that I found about which companies are environmentally-friendly and how these companies are changing the standards of how energy and water can be used efficiently. Most people do not expect much in the way of environmental awareness from a beer company. Anheuser–Busch, the world 's largest brewer, uses a technology in 10 of their U.S. breweries called Bio-Energy Recovery Systems that generates 9.5 percent of their fuel needs. This system uses bacteria to eat particles of waste in brewing waste waters. The methane created by the bacteria is used to fire the brewery 's boilers. They also use more than 400 million tons of grain every year, they discard a lot, give some away as livestock feed, and sell it as compost. In the Frankenmuth Brewery, they use it to make bread bowls for their chili. They are also
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