Can A Military Force Suppress And Overcome An Idea?

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C1C Levi Fry
Dr. McGuire
English 411-M2
22 Sep 2016
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2000 lbs. Context Essay Draft
Can a military force suppress and overcome an idea? That is one of the questions raised by Brian Turner’s poem “2,000 lbs.” which takes place in Ashur Square, Mosul, a city in Iraq. Those who fight in the name of Islam do so to save their country from perceived oppression. Even yet, suicide bombers are not always fighting in the name of Islam. Some have personal reasons to commit violent acts, and these reasons are not always known. For this reason, defeating terrorism and putting an end to suicide bombings with a military force is not possible, as terrorism is an existential condition. Suicide bombers are often dehumanized for their actions, but it is incorrect to assume that their acts are emotionless and without reason. In the first scene, Turner begins by focusing in on the hand of the suicide bomber. He describes the hand of the bomber as being “white-knuckled and tight, glossy with sweat” (Turner 1). According to the Oxford English Dictionary, to be white-knuckled means, “having white knuckles; (transf. and fig.) tense from barely contained emotion, esp. fear or suspense” (“White”). Turner is recognizing the emotions of the bomber. Regardless of whether he is excited, spiteful, or fearful, the bomber has sincere considerations about the act he is about to perform and is evidence of his existential tendencies.
It is too simple to claim that suicide bombers are
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