Can A Robot Surgeon Be Trusted To Operate On A Highly Complex

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Can A Robot Surgeon Be Trusted To Operate On A Highly Complex Surgery? Whether predetermined or unexpected, surgery is life-changing. From one day to the next, you are exposed on a table in a bright cold room, surrounded by strangers dressed in blue, and sharp objects that will soon pierce your body. Significant advancements in surgery have granted surgeons, the opportunity to complete highly complex procedures with as minimal invasion as possible with the help of robotic surgeons. Nevertheless, with the same goal of returning patients to the same function they were prior to surgery, or even better. Although the idea of having a robot surgeon assist in surgery may cause intimidation, the difference between a surgeon and a robot surgeon…show more content…
1200) A hand tremor can affect a surgeon 's ability to make quick and appropriate decisions when things go unexpectedly during a procedure, but this leaves us to question how well will a robot be able to manage unforeseen situations? Robot surgeons, however, is not only beneficial to physicians and patients, it is an additional benefit to hospital administration. While MIS limits invasiveness and tissue damage, Gerhardus (2003) stated “Consequently, the IOM proposed six objectives that illustrate the improved quality of health care: safety, effectiveness, patient centeredness, timeliness, efficiency, and equity.” Improving the flow of an OR room, allowing physicians to treat more patients then when using conventional techniques. Are robot surgeons effective for highly complex surgeries? Robotic surgeons are systems that are equipped with fine instruments, high-resolution, three-dimensional visual systems, and the ability to mimic wrist type motions to reduce the damage of body tissue during surgery and open surgical procedures. This has prompted physicians and surgeons to rethink old conceptions of surgery and evolve. Open heart surgery is a very risky procedure and unfortunately the most common but now the term open heart surgery can be misleading due to the involvement of robot surgeons. Traditionally, physicians were to break

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